En sida av Bollnäs pedagoger

Har ni provat appen Mental Note till mer än att anteckna i ? I AKK gruppen kom en idé om att använda appen som Kontaktbok /Dagbok i skolan och hemma.. Du har då BILD, TEXT, INSPELNINGSBART LJUD mm..
Och det går att ha färgade flikar..
Bör provas!




Här har jag provat göra en sida i en ” Dagbok” en färg för varje dag, lägg in bilder från dagens aktiviteter, skriv eller spela in eget ljud/tal..

Kommentarer till: "Mental Note som Kontaktbok /Dagbok i skolan…" (1)

  1. Thank-you for including Mental Note in your list of apps! I’m part of the team that created the Mental Note for iPad app. We are based in Vancouver, Canada. A diary is a great way to use Mental Note. Here’s a quick tip for tagging a note: tap a tag (e.g. Måndag), then double-tap the middle toolbar button that looks like a note page. The note will be tagged. Also did you know multiple tags can be applied to a note? For example, create a tag called ”Dagbok” and use this to tag all your diary entries. This makes it easy to organize and find notes, since you may be storing more than just diary entries in Mental Note (e.g. todo lists, science homework, report notes, and more).

    We are really interested in hearing about how Mental Note is used – especially from other countries around the world. Please see our website for more ways Mental Note is being used in classrooms in North America (www.zymbiotic.com/usingmentalnote/education). We’d love to get in touch with you to learn more about your experience with Mental Note – please feel free to send us an email.


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